WordPress Website Development services

WordPress is a renowned blogging platform that provides pre-built websites for free to allow you to focus on more crucial items such as the content or sales and profits.

Why should you use WordPress?

It is unfortunate that most people still classify WordPress as merely a blogging platform. Although this was the intended use a while back, the platform has since evolved into the versatile content management system (CMS) it is today. While the platform can still be used to create simple blogs, it allows you to create high quality, functional website, and mobile applications.
It has been proven that websites made on WordPress are more interesting and effective in marketing. The best thing about WordPress is the ease of use coupled with its flexibility for just about anything. This is the main reason why the platform has gained so much popularity. In fact, one recent survey indicated that WordPress powers about 22.5% of all websites across the globe.
With its robust features, a majority of the top brands are now relying on WordPress to power their websites. Some of these big names include Facebook, LinkedIn, CNN, Sony, Times Magazine, Disney, Google, eBay among many others.

WordPress is Free

Whether migrating an already existing website to WordPress or developing a new one, WordPress is free to use. This means that it is free to download, install, use and to modify. WordPress can also be used to create any kind of website. WordPress is also open source which means that its source code is available for the developer to study, modify, and play with as they wish.
Currently, there are over 2600 WordPress themes and well over 31,000 plugins readily available for free. These can be easily downloaded, installed and used on any website.
To run a WordPress website, all you need is a domain and web hosting services. You can choose any website hosting service provider based on your needs.

WordPress installation is easy and fast. If your web hosting service provider runs the cPanel and the webmaster control panel, you are presented with an option in the control panel referred to as “Fantastico De Luxe”. By clicking on this option, you will be able to add numerous free applications to the website by following a few easy steps. By clicking on the WordPress link, you will begin the WordPress installation on your existing website. You will be required to answer a few questions before a full iallation.

Webmasters are presented with tons of WordPress themes. The default theme is usually plain and you will have to invest in custom development services to twitch it as per your specifications. Fortunately, most of these themes are easy to upload to your domain. WordPress also provides premium themes, although most of the available themes are free.