Hire WordPress Developer

Today, blogging, corporate and e-commerce sites run on WordPress. Without a doubt, WordPress is now the most imperative platform used in building versatile and functional-packed websites with ease.

Finding the Right WordPress Developer

Being open source, the WordPress platforms can be used by developers in every corner of the globe. This feature-rich platform is easy to operate and comes with a multitude of plugins to improve the user experience.

It is crucial that you hire a dedicated WordPress developer to help you design state of the art website thus maximizing your sales and the visibility of your business on the internet. Here are a few advantages of hiring a WordPress developer:

Experienced Developers

A WordPress developer is simply a web programmer with far-reaching knowledge in assorted programming languages such as SQL, XML, JavaScript and much more. With this knowledge coupled with the extensive years of expertise, they can create high-quality websites with ease. When hiring a WordPress developer, go for the one with at least 5 years of experience in this field.

Fortunately, there is no shortage of WordPress developers for hire for your WordPress purposes such as theme customization, bug fixing, among other services. Your WordPress developer must also be versed in search engine optimization, a technique that helps increase the ranking of your website. In return, your business records increased sales as well as drawing the attention of your prospects. Hence, hire the services of a WordPress developer who provides you with SEO services.

High Quality Work

The beauty of using the WordPress platform is that every time you need a helping hand, it is quite easy to find a professional WordPress developer based on your job specification and budget without any hassle. Currently, there are thousands of developers ready to take on your project.

It is a known fact that WordPress is not only a comprehensive and intuitive platform but also a user-oriented platform which makes creating a website a challenging endeavor. This is yet another reason why hiring a top developer who offers websites that are easy to navigate, customized and manually coded and which are compatible with multiple browsers is important.

Other benefits of hiring a dedicated WordPress developer to include:

  • Saves you up to 60%, compared to an in-house team
  • A dedicated team is more productive
  • A large pool of experts to choose from ensuring that you get the best results and value for you cash
  • A dedicated WordPress developer communicates directly with the client thus eliminating miscommunication
  • You do not have to pay for state of art infrastructure, you only have to pay for the services you need.

Essential Tips to Keep In Mind When Hiring WordPress Developers

Finding a top notch WordPress developer to hire, be it to create a website from scratch or to move an existing website to WordPress is not an easy undertaking. Unless you use the top screening platforms, finding a suitable developer is a time taking process. This is due to the fact that besides experienced developers, you will come across people who do not have the required skills, scammers and other who are simply time wasters.

When searching for a developer for hire, first assign them a small task. Something that is not high profile, not urgent or something you know how to tackle. With the first job, you will be able to gauge their expertise, functionality, timeliness, communication, budget, and develop a good relationship with the candidate you intend to hire for future projects. On the other hand, if you hire a WordPress developer without screening them, first brace yourself for a miserable failure.

Identifying What You Need

You can build almost anything on WordPress: websites, blogs, e-commerce, Social communities, etc. With such a highly segmented market, the work requested by people is heterogeneous ranging from the creation of custom forms, PSD to WordPress conversion, database optimization, enabling multisite, or a few simple twitches to the theme.

Sometimes, you will experience a mismatch between the job requirements and the skill sets by the developer. For instance, not all WordPress developers will successfully complete a theme creation process. For the developer, it is highly likely to take the PSD file of a finalized designed to create a working theme from it.

In such a case, you will want to find a developer and a designer separately. Keep in mind that communication is critical. Regardless of the expertise, the developer has, without clear communication with them; chances are you will end up with a sub-quality product. Additionally, you need to make sure that you take a clear look at their portfolio to figure out the kind of websites they have created before and get a clear idea of their work.